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Software Test Automation for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Working with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, we've created a platform for users to manage their health care online, a chatbot for user support, an internally used platform for claim processing and management.

Smart Tax Administration Solutions

It's a national system, that's compulsory to use by every private business, public administration entity and every self-employed professional. It consists of multiple elements, such as Tax Administration System (i.MAS), Invoice Management System (i.SAF), Waybill Management System (i.VAZ), Accounting System for small businesses (i.APS) and operates in a 24x7 model.

Identity & Single Sign on Solutions

Our main identity & single sign on solutions projects include NETAIS STORK 2.0, NETAIS eIDAS (based on the results of STORK 2.0) and Centralised User Authentication Portal (BAP).

National Schengen Information System (NSIS)

It's a governmental database, used by 26+ European countries to maintain and distribute information on individuals and pieces of property of interest. The intended uses of this system are national security, border control and law enforcement.

Digital Tax Verification for Tobacco Industry Lithuania

The system operates in real production environment of all involved manufacturers and is used by State Tax Inspectorate (STI) and other Lithuanian Authorities in verification of production volumes and flows, verification of tobacco products and in an Applied Integrated Technologies (AIT) portal.

State Information Resources Interoperability Platform (SIRIP)

SIRIP is an e-Government platform, created to provide centralized access to public e-Services in Lithuania. It provides a full range of services, ranging from infrastructure services (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS) to customer facing services (online access to state registries, permit request and retrieval, etc.).

Integrated Information System of Penal Process

It's a system, used for storing and organizing data of pre-trial investigation from its beginning till all the data is transferred to court (end of pre-trial investigation).

State Plant Service Information System (SPSIS)

SPSIS is a State Plant Service under the Ministry of Agriculture (SPSMA) system with high reliability and efficiency, which is simple and safe to use. It provides electronic services related to the activities of the SPSMA, also ensuring the implementation of the business process of the SPSMA in the information system.