State Plant Service Information System (SPSIS)

State Plant Service Information System (SPSIS)

What We Did

Taking into account the challenges of the external and internal environment, the creation of State Plant Service Information System (SPSIS) is initiated to:

  • unify the different information systems and to manage unified registers’ data;
  • expand the scope and improve the quality of provided services;
  • increase the efficiency of the State Plant Service under the Ministry of Agriculture (SPSMA); 
  • merge ongoing processes.
Technologies & Tools Java, Microsoft SQL Server, Spring Framework, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Lombok, Ehcache, Elasticsearch, Asserte Forms, Apache POI, Aspose.Words, CXF, ZK, Bootstrap, JavaMelody, Maven, Tomcat, TeamCity, JUnit, Flyway, Git, JIRA, Agile, Scrum

SPSIS is a SPSMA system with high reliability and efficiency, which is simple and safe to use. The system provides electronic services related to the activities of the SPSMA, also ensuring the implementation of the business process of the SPSMA in the information system. It is achieved through a web portal based on open standards and open integration interfaces, operating in the technical infrastructure of the SPSMA and integrated with other IT resources of the SPSMA and other institutions.

SPSIS public portal will be used by legal entities to obtain information about the activities of the SPSMA or to order electronic services. SPSIS Internal Portal will be available only to the SPSMA staff and is intended to serve the functions of departments of the SPSMA.

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