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Digital Leaders Week: 3 lessons learned in software testing

At the end of June, Insoft's team travelled to London, where they attended the Digital Leaders Week. It was an invaluable opportunity to hear about new, exciting software solutions and trends that are driving many industries forward today. Taking an active role in the event, Insoft's business unit manager Dmitrij Nikolajev also shared his experience with other attendees by delivering a presentation on successful software testing.

Digital Leaders Week: 3 takeaways about open source software

On June 23, Insoft’s representatives took part in Digital Leaders Week, an international conference in London. Bringing a wide spectrum of ideas and projects to one place, it's where leaders meet, share their experiences and get inspired for future projects. Our CEO Mindaugas Mikulėnas also took an active role in the event, inviting industry leaders to discuss the use of open source software in the public sector.

When should you invest in automated testing?

An essential part of every software application and product, testing effectively mitigates the risk of repeated errors and unexpected cases of system failure. From a neutral standpoint, it’s often seen as repetitive and taxing, but testers who sit in the front row see it in a very different light. Many of them would probably go as far as to say it‘s a very dynamic road full of unexpected turns.

Cybersecurity in business: why does it matter?

Today, digital systems are essential for millions of businesses around the world. From simple email communication to contract signing and customer relationship management, remote processes give a new level of flexibility, but also bring significant security risks. When it comes to implementing and relying on digital systems, cybersecurity is key. Overlooking it comes at a high cost, but the harsh truth is that many businesses put themselves at risk by not doing enough.

Cultural Passport opens doors for a new generation of public digitalization projects

Looking back at 2019 through the lens of digitalization, that year marks a big shift for all school pupils and teachers in Lithuania. At first glance, the introduction of Cultural Passport granted awareness of and access to thousands of cultural activities organized country-wide. But from a technical point of view, its weight is no lighter. This initiative challenged the IT industry in a significant way, making national history as one of the first blockchain-based projects in the public sector.

Shaping the perfect workplace: what do candidates look for?

Free snacks, coffee, and pet-friendly office space are only a few benefits that employers use to attract talented hires nowadays. Even so, Insoft‘s HR partner Rimantė Bičiūnė notes that employees‘ needs are ever-changing, and companies who fail to address them risk losing their appeal among industry experts.

Career in IT: What Does it Take to Grow Within a Company?

Although the number of IT specialists in Lithuania grows every year, statistics show that more than 50% of companies are struggling to fill vacancies in their IT departments. That said, there are two sides to every application process: the employer’s and the employee’s. According to Insoft’s Solutions Architect Marius Valiuškis, technical knowledge is crucial, but companies are looking for more than that. Work ethic and personal qualities have a major influence on every phase of the employee lifecycle in a company, and finding the right fit is key for long-term growth on both sides.

Career in testing: why is it useful to have an international ISTQB certificate?

Although software testing is a fundamental element within the IT sector, not a single Lithuanian university offers specialized studies in this field at the moment. That brings aspiring testers to IT schools, where they can acquire the knowledge and basic skills needed to land their first job within a relatively short time (3-10 months). Even so, according to Insoft‘s Business Unit Manager and President of the Lithuanian Software Testing Qualifications Board (LTSTQB) Dmitrij NIkolajev, these courses are only the first step to becoming a competent software tester. The ISTQB® International Certificate opens up a much wider range of career opportunities, but this option is often overlooked - even within the testing community.

Optimizing productivity through work models: how to find the right balance?

It‘s no secret that the past five years have brought some major changes to the job market. Perhaps the most unexpected one concerns work policies. Whereas half a decade ago remote work was mostly discussed on a theoretical level, today it is a standard option for employees in thousands of companies all over the world. But as controversies about productivity, group dynamics and teamwork efficiency creep in, it’s important to look at the big picture and ask: what does a productive compromise look like, and is there a universal solution?