Digital Leaders Week: 3 lessons learned in software testing

At the end of June, Insoft's team travelled to London, where they attended the Digital Leaders Week. It was an invaluable opportunity to hear about new, exciting software solutions and trends that are driving many industries forward today. Taking an active role in the event, Insoft's business unit manager Dmitrij Nikolajev also shared his experience with other attendees by delivering a presentation on successful software testing.

Digital Leaders Week: 3 takeaways about open source software

On June 23, Insoft’s representatives took part in Digital Leaders Week, an international conference in London. Bringing a wide spectrum of ideas and projects to one place, it's where leaders meet, share their experiences and get inspired for future projects. Our CEO Mindaugas Mikulėnas also took an active role in the event, inviting industry leaders to discuss the use of open source software in the public sector.

When should you invest in automated testing?

An essential part of every software application and product, testing effectively mitigates the risk of repeated errors and unexpected cases of system failure. From a neutral standpoint, it’s often seen as repetitive and taxing, but testers who sit in the front row see it in a very different light. Many of them would probably go as far as to say it‘s a very dynamic road full of unexpected turns.